Terms and Conditions

They govern the contractual relationship between ODEON CATERING SERVICES LLC and ODEONGOURMET.AE Customers wishing to make online purchases of products available on www.odeongourmet.ae .
These Special Terms and Conditions of Online Sale are complementary to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of ODEON Catering Customers; These Special Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time by Odeon atering.

1. Subject

Odeon Catering offers its Customers, making purchases directly related to their private activity, an online shopping service, via the website www.odeongourmet.ae for non-food and food products. Only the products available for sale on the www.odeongourmet.ae website are subject to these Special Conditions of Online Sale.

2. Conditions of access

Any ODEON GOURMET customer, holder of a customer account with www.odeongourmet.ae can benefit from this online sales service.

3. Order and order confirmation

Product orders must be placed by the ODEON GOURMET Customer online at www.odeongourmet.ae In general, the ODEON GOURMET Customer is responsible for all online purchases made through their
ODEON GOURMET Internet account. An order number will be allocated to the ODEON GOURMET Customer once the order has been duly validated and payment has been accepted. A “Your order is confirmed” message will appear on the Customer’s screen and an order confirmation will be sent to the Customer by email with the order number. In the event that payment for the order is refused, the order will be cancelled and the Customer will be notified by e-mail. The Customer’s order is final. The Customer has no right of retraction or cancellation of the order, except with the prior explicit and exceptional agreement of Odeon Gourmet

4. Provision and delivery of the Order

4.1 Product availability

Product offers are valid as long as they are visible on the website, within the limit of available stocks. If some or all of the products ordered are unavailable, and/or if there is an incident relating to the order placed
by the Customer, ODEON GOURMET will contact the Customer by telephone or by e-mail. In the event of the unavailability of all or part of the products ordered, the ODEON GOURMET Customer will
be able to cancel all or part of the unavailable order, subject to prior written confirmation from ODEON GOURMET. In any event, no modification of the order (other than in the event of unavailability of products) will be accepted unless expressly agreed in advance by ODEON GOURMET.

4.2 Method of delivery of products

ODEON GOURMET offers its Customers the following delivery and pick-up terms and conditions under the conditions below :
– delivery to the Customer “doorstep”

4.2.1. Product delivery time

The delivery day is specified on the Product Sheet at the time of order. It depends on the type of product ordered, the delivery constraints and the possible appointment booking. It is specified that these delivery times and product availability are given as an indication. They do not constitute a firm commitment on the part ODEON GOURMET. No compensation of any kind whatsoever may be claimed by the Client in the event of the unavailability of one or more products or a delay in the delivery of the order. For orders comprising items that can be delivered on different dates with regard to the availability of the products ordered and/or their category (light product, heavy product, etc.), the indicated delivery day will be calculated based on the longest delivery time. General case

The Products will be delivered to the house of the ODEON GOURMET customer within a minimum period of time. Delivery address for products

The delivery of the order is made to the address provided by the Customer at the time he created his ODEON GOURMET account, on his own authority.

I Terms of delivery

Delivery is made by road transport. The place of delivery must therefore be accessible by road. ODEON GOURMET does not accept deliveries that require special equipment (boats, vats, lifts, etc.) or abnormal handling to unload the goods. If events beyond the control of ODEON GOURMET, such as force majeure, strikes, administrative decisions, natural events (road snow, landslides, storms…) or any other circumstances, have prevented or delayed the performance of its services, ODEON GOURMET cannot be held liable in any way. No compensation will be granted to the Client in any of these situations.
Upon delivery of the order, the Client must present to the carrier appointed by ODEON GOURMET his identity card.
Upon receipt of the order, the Customer or one of his duly authorised representatives undertakes to check the goods delivered (number of products, good condition of the products, etc.), to sign the transport order and/or the accompanying document and to mention, if necessary, any reservations (damage, non-compliance with the specifications indicated on the order form, etc.). Said reservations must be communicated by email (customerservice@odeongourmet.ae) with acknowledgement of receipt within 12 hours of delivery from the carrier and ODEON GOURMET (6 hours only for « hot deals » items).
In any event, in the absence of a reservation and written confirmation in the aforementioned forms and within the aforementioned time limits, the product order is deemed to have been delivered in compliance and any claim will be deemed inadmissible. Absence of the Client upon delivery

If the Customer does not collect his order within 3 days after the carrier’s attempted delivery, this will have the effect of cancelling the sale. The sums paid by the Client will then be retained by ODEON GOURMET as compensation. It must be specified that it is not possible to make partial deliveries.

5. Invoicing and payment

In the event that a price be clearly incorrectly displayed, whatever the reason (computer virus, manual error, technical error), the order for the product concerned will be cancelled. ODEON GOURMET will inform the Customer as soon as possible. The Customer will be able, if he wishes, to reorder at the corrected and exact price. On receipt of payment, ODEON GOURMET will send the Customer an email confirming the order.

5.4 In the event of a total or partial refund of a payment made by bank transfer, the refund will be effective within a minimum period of 10 days for payments made in full.

The total or partial refund of a payment made by credit card will be effective within 96 hours for any amount less than AED 450 inclusive of tax and 10 days for any amount over AED 450 inclusive of tax. Any payment incident will authorise ODEON GOURMET to impede the delivery of the ordered products. In the event that, for any reason whatsoever, the debiting of sums owed by the Customer proves impossible,
ODEON GOURMET will contact the Customer in order to rectify the situation. If the Client does not rectify the situation within the period agreed with ODEON GOURMET, the sale will be immediately cancelled by
operation of law and the electronic purchase process will be cancelled without the Customer being able to claim any compensation.

6. Registration of bank details / Payment options

ODEON GOURMET offers its customers the possibility to register/save one payment (i.e. their bank details) in a secure manner, in order to pay for future purchases more easily and quickly on the website.
To do so, the Customer must :

– pay for his last purchase by credit card on the website. On this occasion, the Customer shall provide his bank details, i.e. the type of bank card used (Debit/Credit Card, Visa, Mastercard), the number of the card
concerned, its expiry date and the cryptogram on the back.

– Tick the acceptance box “I authorise ODEON GOURMET to save safely my financial details to avoid having to enter them when I place future orders on the www.odeongourmet.ae website
– and validate the payment.

Once the payment has been validated, the data relating to the debit/credit card used will be saved. The Client’s bank details are not stored by ODEON GOURMET, but on the payment service provider’s secure server.
The Customer may therefore choose to pay for future purchases by credit card (debit/credit card, VISA, Mastercard) without having to re-enter his/her bank details. It is however specified that the cryptogram will be systematically asked for again at each purchase for security reasons. The Customer also retains, at any time, the possibility to delete the data relating to the registered bank card
and/or add another bank card,

7. Claims

For any information, questions or complaints, the ODEON GOURMET customer service is at your disposal in the “Contact us” section, In any event, if ODEON GOURMET liability is evoked for any reason whatsoever, it will be limited to the amount of the allegedly defective goods in question. It is the Client’s responsibility to take out any policy for any claim in excess of the amount so agreed.

8. Restrictions

8.1 ODEON GOURMET reserves the right to assess the risks inherent in all operations and to refuse to carry out the service if necessary (e.g. unpaid, abnormality of the order, any other dispute…).

9. Modifications to the terms and conditions

ODEON GOURMET reserves the right to terminate or modify the offers present on the website www.odeongourmet.ae at any time without prior notice to the Customer. In case of contradiction between the present conditions and the ODEON GOURMET general terms and conditions of sale, the present conditions will prevail.

10. Termination

ODEON GOURMET reserves the right to immediately terminate the online sales services in writing in the event of any fault on the part of the Customer, in particular in the event of non-payment, repeated absences of the Customer on the day of delivery, disputes of any kind affecting the business relationship.

11. Personal data

The Client expressly agrees to the processing of his personal data by ODEON CATERING LLC in accordance with the conditions set out below:

12.1 Collection and use of personal data

ODEON CATERING LLC is responsible for processing, collecting and sorting, through computerized systems, the Customer’s individual data in order to manage and improve the ODEON GOURMET Customer relationship on the basis of market research, to manage orders and after-sales service and to notify the Customer of ODEON GOURMET promotional operations. The data collected is essential for these purposes and is intended for the relevant departments of ODEON CATERING LLC and, where applicable, its service providers and/or subcontractors.

12.2 Security and access to computerized data

Access to the Customer’s data is restricted to persons authorized to carry out data processing, security and computer maintenance operations.

12.3 Right of access, updating and right of rectification of individual data.

The Customer has the right to access and rectify computerized data concerning him/her.

12.4 Cancellation of consent and right of opposition

The Customer may, at any time, revoke the authorization granted above, and object, on legitimate grounds, to the processing of his personal data by ODEON CATERING LLC. He may also object to his data being used for canvassing purposes.

12. Intellectual property

All texts, comments, illustrations and images reproduced or represented on the website are strictly reserved under intellectual property rights. Any reproduction or representation of all or part of the website or of all or part of the elements on this site is strictly prohibited.

13. Archiving of orders on the internet.

Internet orders are archived on the website and are accessible via the Customer’s internet account.

14. Jurisdiction and applicable law.

Any dispute arising from these terms and conditions shall, in the absence of an amicable agreement between the Parties, be brought to a judicial level exclusively before the Dubai Courts.

15. Acceptance of the conditions.

The language of the present conditions is English.

By using the online sales service and by validating an order via the website, the Customer acknowledges having read and accepted the present Special Conditions of Online Sales. The validation of his order by the
Customer of ODEON GOURMET implies the acceptance of these Special Terms and Conditions of Sale