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Red Sichuan Pepper – Nomie

“Floral” pepper .

Red Sichuan berries are sometimes called Szetchuan pepper. This “false pepper” is a cousin of Sansho bay found in Japan, Timut bay which grows in Nepal, or also Indonesian Andaliman bay. Sichuan or Szetchuan, both spellings refer to the same thing, a spice from a shrub native to the Sichuan region of China, in the Rutaceae (Zanthoxylum) family.
Red Sichuan berries resemble peppercorns with intense floral aromas, with a lot of freshness on the palate, very aromatic with notes of pine and lavender, a slight sweetness of citrus. Beyond its unique flavor, what makes red Sichuan berries famous is the numb sensation they cause on the tongue. This berry does not sting or burn like a pepper could, but it leaves a slight tingling or even a subtly numbing effect on the tip of the tongue.
Did you know ? These shrubs are found throughout Asia, but also in the Americas and Africa. It is even found in some gardens in France. According to legend, red Sichuan berries were once reserved only for the Chinese emperor.

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