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Green Sichuan Pepper – Nomie

Green Sichuan berries are not to be confused with red Sichuan berries , their close cousin. This “false pepper” is a cousin of the Sansho berry found in Japan, the Timut berry which grows in Nepal, or also the Indonesian Andaliman berry . It is a spice from a shrub native to the Sichuan region of China, from the Rutaceae family ( Zanthoxylum ). Like lemons and limes, red Sichuan berries and green Sichuan berries are two varieties with different flavors.

Green Sichuan berries look like peppercorns with intense citrus aromas, very fresh on the palate, very aromatic with hints of lime. Beyond its unique flavor, what makes green Sichuan berries stand out is the numbing sensation they cause on the tongue. This berry doesn’t sting or burn like a pepper might, but it does leave a slight tingle or even a subtly numbing effect on the tip of the tongue.

Some of the best green Sichuan berries can be found from southern Sichuan along the border with Yunnan province. Our single-origin fake pepper is grown in Jinyang County in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan.

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