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Curry Blend – Nomie

Convinced that spices are still little known even though they can easily sublimate everyday cooking, Chloé Charles, independent chef, with Nomie imagined fine and subtle blends but also “easy to use”, with the idea of uninhibiting the general public and to restore spices to their nobility.

The Curry blend is an adaptation of the Colombo blend imagined in collaboration with Chloé Charles to be available over the four seasons. The collaboration with Nomie quickly became obvious since it was based on common values of eating well and respecting products.
Like all our blends, the grinding of the spices and the assembly is carried out regularly from our workshop in Paris. This blend for Curry contains Turmeric, Amchoor, Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Jamaican Pepper, Blond Mustard.

60 ml

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Origin: France